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Exploring Varanasi with Lensbaby SOL 45 Creative Lens

Hello everyone, good to meet you all in 2019. I had a chance to play with Lensbaby SOL 45 creative lens, and I would like to share how the lens performed and how you could use them in creating some interesting images.

Before we jump into the blog, I would like to thank Lensbaby for sending me this excellent lens.


  • Panasonic GH5s

  • Lensbaby SOL 45(FF LENS)

  • Viltrox FF to M43 adaptor


SOL 45 is a full frame manual lens with a fixed focal length of 45mm and aperture f3.5. Some of the characteristics of this lens make it attractive from other lenses are

  • Circular area of tack sharp focus

  • smooth blur around and bold bokeh

  • Bokeh blades


Like I mentioned earlier this is a manual focus lens — the front ring used for focusing by merely rotating it. The tilt blur is created by moving the second ring in any direction by which you build more blur in that portion of the image. Do take note even without any tilt, the soft blur achieved around the circular focus area.

One additional cool feature this lens has over others is the bokeh blades in front of the glass. These blades, when moved in front, will produce some textures to the bokeh.


One of the standard issue someone will face while using this lens is the blur. The lens creates sharp focus only in the centre when the subject is framed in the corners the image blur is unavoidable.

The lens tilt can be used to soften the area of the image which is not required to be sharp.

If you are capturing moving subject pre-focus the area where the subject will pass, this helps to eliminate out of focus look(blurry image).

If your camera has focus peaking option use that feature, it will show which part of the frame is in focus.


First of all, you will be thinking why would someone use this lens for street photography. The answer is I want to create something different from the usual looks, and there is no right or wrong way of using lenses for any particular genre. I guess all creators have the freedom to use the tools that fit their workflow.

It is a 45mm lens means I can do portraits as well as show some environment around the subject which tell the audience about geographic of that image.

I looked for colours that complement, leading lines, action, facial expression while I was composing images in Varanasi.

I enjoyed much using this lens during night time especially when there are lights around the subjects. This lens creates beautiful bold bokeh which is not possible to build in the post.

Here are the images I captured in Varanasi.


SOL 45 is a great lens to use if you are looking for breaking your routine imagery looks. The optics are good for the money we pay for, when used correctly it does create sharp images.

Can you use ND filters?

Yes, this lens has 46mm filter thread, and you could use ND filters if you are shooting videos.

While using this lens keep in mind that there is no lock to the focus ring, if you keep rotating, the front element will come out, don't worry screw it back and will fit perfectly.

Practice is always the key to success, don't get upset in the first try, keep shooting, and you will see great results eventually.

Have a great day, see you all in my next blog.